was founded in 1975 by American outdoor brand Penfield, has always been committed to to use high quality materials and classic American style, for outdoor enthusiasts to create both appearance and function of the utility of a single product, after decades of development has gradually become outstanding in the outdoor sports field. In 2015, autumn and winter series of the new shelves, designers hope by b Retro jordans for sale right colors and hit the use of color design, brings more visual and visual stimulation, outdoor concept spread to activities of daily living in solemn winter season. source: HBX today Knight sits at home against the Detroit Pistons, three giant rested, James appeared to supervise operations, because Kobe is going to retire, today is also their NBA careers, the final battle, James foot Kobe 11 elite low cheap jordans for sale mens "FTB", in order to pay tribute to the great opponent Kobe. In addition to the game there are more than the players on the foot of Kobe's shoes, such as the former teammate Blake, who had been guilty of Kobe veteran Deng station · Jones, etc.. James Kobe - Elite 11 Low FTB "LeBron" Frye Kobe - FTB 5 "" ChanningJones Kobe - Elite 11 Low FTB "Dahntay" Johnson Kobe - Elite 11 Low FTB "Stanley" Blake K cheap foamposites obe - Elite 11 Low FTB "Steve" pictures from NBA China's official website72 wins the bulls to the top 73 wins the warrior, who is stronger? Talk about your ideas. Cole is lucky, the age of the players witnessed 72 wins, the coach in his time for a single season 73 wins feat warriors.Yesterday we beat you exposed a group of Pigalle x Nike Air Raid map group, and a group of network recently released more d Cheap air jordans for sale etails clearly show, let's enjoy. In the spring and summer of 2015 Paris men's week, the French fashion brand Pigalle earlier officially opened a basketball themed series of veil, which in addition to a series of outstanding clothing items, and sports brand Nike together again to create two pairs of Air Raid is also a priority among priorities. The Nike Air Raid classic shoes for the design blueprint, th Retro jordans for sale e continuation of design signature * type, using high quality leather and nylon mesh combined with production, color with purple and white two color throughout the body, and followed by FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY "as the decorative details. a-further-look-pigalle-nike-air-raid-1.jpg (101.77 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-30 09:11 upload a-further-look-pigalle-nike-air-raid-2.jpg (117.91 KB, down cheap jordans for sale load number: 0) download 2014-6-30 09:11 upload a-further-look-pigalle-nike-air-raid-6.jpg (172.48 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-30 09:12 upload a-further-look-pigalle-nike-air-raid-4.jpg (122.79 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-30 09:12 upload a-further-look-pigalle-nike-air-raid-7.jpg (102.36 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-30 09:12 upload a-further-look-pig Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping alle-nike-air-raid-3.jpg (67.89 KB, download number: 0) download 2010 affected by the international financial crisis, Chengdu shoes exports were affected, the domestic market has become increasingly important. To help Chengdu shoes open the door for domestic sales, Wuhou District has built a "Chengdu shoes direct sales mall" in the industrial parks of Chinese women's shoes". The mall is scheduled Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping to open in April, at present, Kameido, huachenyue, Auchinleck, snow and a number of Chengdu's top 20 enterprises, has passed the audit contract settled. phenomenon female white-collar private to golden order shoes, wear Chengdu, as the capital of women's shoes, the footwear industry has long been well-known at home and abroad, but mostly for some well-known brands do OEM production, but cheap jordans online in the local stores are hard to find "Chengdu shoes" trace. Luo Yayue is a foreign trade company in Chengdu staff, from 2007 onwards, every spring, she will collect more than a dozen friends and colleagues needs, to some of Wuhou District's more familiar shoe factory area to order a batch of women's shoes. Luo Yayue also noted that sales of shopping malls in Chengdu, part of the national famous brand, is cheap jordan shoes for men produced in the factory processing in Chengdu, and then affix their own brand into the mall stores, the price is multiplied. "Do foreign trade knows Chengdu shoe is good, but specific let us say the brand of Chengdu shoe, still can not say a few. Why can't the shoes of Chengdu create their own brands so that our customers can buy them?" awkwardness; local market share is only 9% according to a recent Sichuan Province Commercial Chain Association officially announced the "made in Chengdu" in the retail terminal Market Research Report ", the association of Wangfujing department store, Maoyebaihuo, Ito Yokado, all music, Beijing Hualian Department store supermarket, Carrefour and many other survey found that although the Chengdu manufacturing industry enterprises, but Chengdu mall procurement of local footwear products is relatively low, only about 9% share. : Peng Jun, director of the industrial operation center of China's women's shoes industry, said: "at present, there are more than 1700 shoe-making enterprises in Chengdu with Wuhou District as the core, and the production of women's shoes ranks third in the country.". But for a long time, most enterprises export and domestic sales of light, heavy and light OEM brand, forming a "nameless Chengdu shoe" market misleading, Chengdu shoes tend to be shut out of the local shopping mall, showing a "wall flower wall incense" phenomenon. export situation in it is imperative to export market "intestinal obstruction"; domestic market is not smooth; this is the realistic problem that Chengdu shoe industry faces." Peng Jun thinks.)