A and Nike Kobe AD will soon be on sale, shoe color is very low-key, with green color with white bone covered NIKE Swoosh outsole with brown embellishment, raw materials show, add a touch of leisure means. will be on sale in April 6th, priced at $160 / 1199 yuan, 852425-011, the domestic website will also be synchronized with the sale. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! in the cotton price expensiv cheap foamposites e long in Northeast Japan was created by the weavers of wisdom, called "split with folk craft weaving". This is the process of the old cloth torn as thin strips, and then stitch fabric for new fabrics using traditional loom. In this process, each process is done almost entirely by hand. Craftsmen through complicated operation will be your sincere ingenuity together woven into the fabric, create the one and only, different from the appearance of machine weaving texture and warm texture. The Saccora project to collect the residual waste from the garment industry in t Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping he northeast, through the weavers hands, create charming cloth to take on an altogether new aspect. This "split with weaving process is a model to create new cycle of ecological sustainability through the mode of production. Sakiori Koubo collaborated with Sansa Sakiori series to mark the onitsuka tiger shoes of MEXICO 66 and LAWNSHIP 2 as the prototype, split with weaving "join" vamp material design. The variety of color matching and texture, and the innovative application of recycled materials produced during the process make this ancient production process create a cheap jordans for sale mens unique modern fashion style. 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Jordan signed with Nike as everyone knows, in the former, the University of North Carolina during a long time in Converse, Pro Leather, is the 1984 Losangeles Olympic Games in the Converse Fastbreak Mid debut, Fastbreak Mid chose this suit of white through the shoe body, LOGO, side by side with the North Carolina blue tongue the star logo and the upper part, Retro jordans for sale the whole is quite simple and refreshing. and Air's Jordan 2 appeared in June 28, 1987 in North Carolina and UCLA alumni tournament, Michael Jordan was wearing the shoes design debut, combination of North Carolina and the Chicago bulls classic colors, made of high quality leather white shoe, black lace decoration and in the end, with blue and red accents local details. While MJ and 6/28/87 were printed with the heel words echoed the theme. designed the Chicago bulls were also set a shoebox fusion of red and blue of the University of North Carolina, in addition to d Retro jordans for sale ust paper and other accessories, the suit will be on sale in June 28th, priced at $300. 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Source: overkillshopis a year of spring, the best season to ride a year. play on the road or the r Cheap air jordans for sale oad car off-road, playing in the wild, this is a long history of the strange idea. The idea of early in the tour de France has just launched in 1910 has in Europe very popular, then mountain bike to wait 50 years to appear, living flywheel also will not be allowed appear in the game. That year the winner of the tour de France, the French rapids excitedly to the media said before they can win the championship thanks to the highway cross-country match good training effect, since off-road races was accepted as the formal events. Nowadays, CX Games has evolved into the com Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping petition of world class every year to attract millions of viewers to watch the handsome boys and pretty girls fought in the mud, carrying the bike to run to the end, and joy. so it is fun to have a wild, today to give you a brief introduction to the recent years, Europe and the United States a new road car: comprehensive road car (here is a hard wide: NORCO also has a super wide off-road vehicles Road, oh ~) comprehensive road origin is Canada there are people with the installation of half tooth Fetal Normal Road car to participate in road racing, although in a difficult stage through some discount, more dependent on the skills of the knights, but good Ping Lu acceleration, relatively light weight and more suitable for the general comfort let norco remember the strange car. After a period of time of modified, norco comprehensive road car the endurance road geometry, also has a certain off-road performance, are better able to cope with complex road, the most important is comfortable compared with the general road traffic has been greatly improved, and therefore subject to a long-distance cycling enthusiasts are welcome. has basic properties and essence of road running wild blood, comprehensive road car is more suitable for just from mountain bike transition to the highway car ordinary riding enthusiasts, brush ring two cross-country affordable! Do not believe? We talk! 71.25 head tube angle and 130mm head tube lengths and the mainstream of 50.5cm large groups of highway vehicle is almost the same, and endurance road vehicle head tube geometry data in exactly the same way, riding are also very close. But a closer look bold head tube. It is obvious that the design of the road car, in the end or in the design of the service for the ordinary people, the comfort in the design language, drag brake fork and bending are large, also serves on the damping effect. Under the conditions of new specifications of disc brake of highway, search the whole department of 15mm barrel shaft design, strength is higher than general mountain bike, with stable but was still domineering wide tyre, visible, the guy is really not only is galloping on the pavement Zhuer;The disc is still using the traditional column column installation design, installation in the car as the new FLAT MOU〉 though