In 1987, as AIR, JORDAN, II, and AIR FORCE II achieved unprecedented success, NIKE combined the two designs to create a brand new shoe AIR PYTHON. When the time is the golden period of the United States HIP HOP music culture, so that the design of AIR PYTHON HIP HOP was also influenced by culture, use the AIR JORDAN II tube and AIR FORCE II set, selection of leather and leather making giant snake, tongue is in accordance with the rapper's preferences and tailor-made. But because AIR PYTHON was only in the United States as a limited edition, so its popularity is far lower than the AIR JORDAN II and AIR FORCE II, but 27 years later in today's AIR PYTHON finally launched engraved and delivered from oppression, overwhelmed by the introduction of a new color is two, the s cheap jordans online hoe body respectively with obsidian and its white color the color and texture of leather snake leather material to build, common characteristics of two new products that have a pair of white soles, I wonder if you would choose which? Two new products will be on sale in November 6th, like friends can pay attention to. nike-air-python-sp-white-2.jpg (40.61 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike Air Python SP dual color Upload 09:00 2014-11-5 air-python-sp-obsidian-release-date-nikelab.jpg (108.2 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike Air Python SP dual color 2014-11-5 09:00 upload Nike 00 air-jordan-11-space-jam-restock-july-1.jpg (98.64 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Air Jordan 11, Space, Jam, againUpload 07:32 2017-7-20 cheap jordans for sale How do Nike Air Footscape NM Premium QS there is no sign of the raid NikeStore, the selection of fabric and leather shoes with streamlined structure, asymmetric design to create a fashion style, and injected foam in the bottom is equipped with Air-Sole air cushion configuration can ensure that when wearing lightweight cushioning experience. item: 846786-002 NIKE-AIR-FOOTSCAPE-NM-PREM-QS-846786_002_E_PREM.jpg (125.41 KB, download times: 2) download attachment Nike, Air, Footscape, NM, Premium, QS, raid, official website, 2016-5-6 upload at 18:01 NIKE-AIR-FOOTSCAPE-NM-PREM-QS-846786_002_D_PREM.jpg (239.83 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Nike, Air, Footscape, NM, Premium, QS, raid, official website, 2016-5-6 upload at 18:01 NIKE-AIR-FOOTSCAPE cheap foamposites -NM-PREM-QS-846786_002_F_PREM.jpg (92.6 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Nike, Air, Footscape, NM, Premium, QS, raid, official website, 2016-5-6 upload at 18:01 NIKE-AIR-FOOTSCAPE-NM-PREM-QS-846786_002_A_PREM.jpg (122.82 KB, download times: 2) download attachment Nike, Air, Footscape, NM, Premium, QS, raid, official website, 2016-5-6 upload at 18:01 NIKE-AIR-FOOTSCAPE-NM-PREM-QS-846786_002_C_PREM.jpg (116.42 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Nike, Air, Footscape, NM, Premium〉2013 years on June 2, Los Angeles Clippers officials announced a startled day news, has been hailed as the "Jordan first successor," the seventh all star player grant - hill is going to retire, hill will end his 19 year NBA career. Alliance President Stern Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping gave Hill a very high evaluation, he believes that Hill's career in the performance of the perseverance and dedication, is a model for other players in the league. "Grant - hill is a quite outstanding players, in his very great NBA career. His dedication, to overcome injuries and in adversity indomitable perseverance, a model of alliance, but also other players to learn the model." Stern said, "hill is a perfect teammate, he always gives people a kind of gentle and polite impression. He is now retired, we hill and his family to send the best wishes, and hope hill can continue to support union and sports in the future, and continue to make a contribution." Hill career 19 seasons, including the 2003-04 season because of injuries throughout the season due to injury cl Cheap air jordans for sale aims, the remaining 18 seasons. Hill field are 16.7 points 6.01 rebounds and 4.14 times assists 1.22 times steals. Now the Almighty soldiers we no longer see to him in the game beautiful posture, not feeling the time has gone..., attention more sneakers related information, as in the slam dunk, welcomed the public subscription number, micro channel search DUNKHOME and subscribe to the surprise and daily guess shoes to play the game, beauty and your various interactive Oh! Micro-blog search dunk home, understand the latest information and all kinds of basketball. source: sina sportsLast April, Michael Jordan has a pair of Pro quality materials produced by Air Jordan 1 in the Bobcats stadium side, this pair of black and white collocation with gold to details of the Air Retro jordans for sale Jordan 1 has recently been broke or for the 2015 all star special edition, but according to the latest revelations from the physical point of view. This pair of black and white New with the addition of two new series of color components of Air Jordan 1 on sale together. Black and white, gray and brown white three pairs are made of high quality material shoes, shoe buckle, shoe tongue, rumors flying wing logo eye decoration, decorative details were made with 14 carat gold. BbsImg142024424225196_1024_748.jpg (38.09 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 1 Golden Peak 2015-1-3 09:22 upload BbsImg142024425962303_914_991.jpg (87.29 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 1 Golden Peak 2015-1-3 09:22 upload the "plastic limit order" has been carr Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ied out for a few days, for the national compulsory measures, I very much support, more loudly applaud, after all, our living environment or rely on our own to love. but yesterday, I encountered the "plastic limit order" after the implementation of the one thing that I am most angry about. When went shopping at night, he suddenly found his shoes were broken and had no choice but to find a shoe shop nearby to solve the problem of walking. I came to a Daphne store, after the selection after a fancy shoes, staff service attitude has always been satisfied with me. But when I paid for it, I met something very angry. the clerk told me that because of the "plastic limit order", apart from the amount of shoes payable, I would have to pay 0.5 yuan if I needed a bag. In Retro jordans for sale this regard, I am very surprised: so many years in the market to buy shoes, businesses have been providing paper bags, how suddenly plastic bags out of it? I had been in Daphne bought shoes, but they also provide the bag ah, how suddenly now provide the plastic bags? I told my clerk about my doubts, and she explained that they had never used paper bags. Her explanation made me angry, I have bought Daphne shoes, they are obviously using paper bags shoes, she told me never use paper bags! Of course I do not tell her I know is true. Then she explained that it was probably because I bought shoes that were expensive, so they sent paper bags and, in general, they sent plastic bags. Finally, she added, "they don't have paper bags now.". speechless, speechless. But witho cheap jordans for sale mens ut shoes, I can only decide to buy the plastic bags they offer, even in the face of such a difficult shop assistant. Anyway, I can't throw my shoes out of the question! and then ready to pay. At that moment, the clerk spoke again. "Do you have 50 Fen change?" Her words made my card stop half way up in the air. Is she going to let me pay for the plastic bag separately? Can't she charge it together? Although I told her my questions, her "earnest" gave me the patience to take 50 Fen out of my bag and finally make a successful purchase. After all, I really need a pair of shoes right now. it's not over yet. When I got home, I found that the amount on the invoice was not included in the purchase of plastic bags. That is to say, the clerk collected the money for my plas cheap jordan shoes for men tic bag, but she failed to issue me a document, which was not included in the purchase and sale record of their computer. If I'm not mistaken, "management measures" clearly stipulates the paid use of plastic bags in retailing, retail establishments shall list the quantity, showing consumers to buy plastic shopping bag price and payment alone in the sales voucher. Apparently, the clerk didn't have itrecently, the United States produced New Balance 997 released a new black soul color matching. As usual, the uppers are still made of quality suede and leather, with black uppers contrasting with the white midsole and inner lining, which is very visually beautiful. The tongue of the "MADE IN USA" shows the U.S. production of special status, low ENCAP corrosion epicenter more blessing comfort. It is reported that the shoes will be on shelves in October 30th, like friends may wish to pay more attention to. The United States New Balance 997 new color color black soul 〈br two days before the visit NIKE Air Jordan Rising, found High in group purchase, 499 yuan, although just starting a poison 5, but suffer from I can't handle low shoes, wearing a twisted one, the price can work under the condition of this pair of black and red color in (originally want to go into the red, but the store said no red XDR outsole, blue and white and dirty, all this), coincides with the birthday of second days, they are express little brother on the duty room, must be energy-saving ah ~! Nonsense not say, open! (10 points) 1, the appearance of 8 points personally think it can be, there is CP, super, fly, 14.5 of the fit, that is, but the man, old dog, wear out, you can see people on it. 2, 6 work; overflow is quite obvious, the upper is super fiber, not through the front compartment air cushion shoes, feeling two cushion than around the soles of the prominent, do not know is the work or design problems. 3, the sole (wear + grip) 7; XDR Nike field should be standard, good wear resistance, wearing LZ played two times field, cement casually fuck, no traces of a little worn soles, although not the sole classic lines a herringbone pattern, but the grip is not ambiguous, 2 hours of cement, did not happen before slipping, plus the pressure of the road experience, there is little slippage in the water off the marble top, the other road could cope very well. (PS, the owner of the sole gave me a genuine guarantee.) PS the great God also sees the shoe label by the way 4, 7 package; the package is very abnormal, but in front of the two shoe hole, the rest on the fly line, but especially front toe is very tight, wearing a towel socks students proposed to buy a code, the beginning may not fit, but after some long wear loose; in addition, the shoes are in high shoes, uppers support praise, although not thick but after tie shoelaces are stable. 5, 5; shock; the most worth Tucao where should be ashock, remove the forefoot zoom feeling (also thanks to LZ weight, normal weight students have to reflect the feel air cushion)].